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Ordinary Membership
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Ordinary members who shall be employees of Singapore Customs. The Board may, in its sole discretion, allow retirees of Singapore Customs or officers transferred to other departments to continue as Ordinary members or as Associate members.

Ordinary members who shall be Employees of the Customs & Excise Department and Officers transferred to Other Departments;

  • Every member shall who has been elected to the membership of the Society shall, on payment of the entrance fee and the minimum share-holding and subscription be deemed to have acquired all the rights, duties and liabilities of a member of the Society as laid down in the By-laws
  • Payment of entrance fee of $10.00 which is  not be refundable
  • Minimum payment of $100.00 for purchase of 100 shares in the society provided the member may, with the approval of the Board, apply for his initial monthly contribution otherwise credited to his thrift savings account, be credited to his share account up to the minimum required in which case the member shall not be entitled to any right of a member unless and until his minimum shares are fully paid;
  • Every Ordinary or Associate Member shall subscribe a minimum monthly sum to the subscription account (thrift savings) in accordance with the administrative rules on subscription adopted from time to time by the Board
  • Every Ordinary or Associate Member shall in writing nominate one or more persons in the presence of at least 2 (two) witnesses to whom sums due to him shall be paid on his death.  Any change of address or particulars of his nominees shall be notified to the society.
  • Any member who is not liable to the Society either as borrower or surety, may resign from the society on giving 12 (twelve) months’ notice of resignation in writing.  The Board may accept a shorter notice of resignation at its discretion.

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